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About Us

About Us / Company Brief Introduction

About Us

We are passionate about connecting people and brands through memorable experiences. A young International company with offices in Gurgaon, New Delhi India, and Versatile Events Management delivers a more upbeat, modern and young vibe to their events. Working in all fields including corporate events, conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Exhibition.  Versatile Events Management has been in the industry over 10 years. Their clients include brands like Airtel, Sandhar, Accenture, Hero, Bajaj, JBM, Royal Enfield, Nestle, H&M and Ugg. International company with corporate offices is in India and planning to setup all over the world, they work with the elite people and leading companies to maintain their reputation as a market leader in India as well as in the world. We do corporate events, conference, seminar, workshops, royal weddings, corporate events. Founded in 2010 by Dinesh Kumar and Mahesh Kumar, they deliver an unrivalled experience with their international network. Dinesh and Mahesh Kumar have more than 15 years in the industry. Dinesh & Mahesh experienced team will always bring an “element of surprise”. They will do the design, set-up the location, invite the guests… even find the talent wanted in the event. Our clients do not only include International high profilers like Harley Davidson, RASAN, Edutech, SAM Groups, KOTRA and some long list of Indian companies such as Hero, Bajaj, Royal Enfield, Airtel, Munjal Showa so many more, but we also work with some NGO and non-profit companies.



Today, brands have become what people say they are. And what they say is based on their experiences with the brand. Versatile Events Management is a leading experiential marketing agency, passionate about creating those memorable moments that help brands reach their audience and inspire real change. We are 100+ companies and people around the world creating brand experiences that really work. To find out how we can get people chatting about your brand please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.


We develop long-standing relationships with our domestic and international clients, because their business is our business and we love being viewed as an extension of their teams. Profit in business comes from repeat customers; customers that boast about customer product and service, and that bring friends with them.
After 10 years we’re still working with our very first client Hardly Davidson and Quick heal we’ve been working with the Nissan Group, Sandhar for over 10 years, Hero for 10 years and Rasan group for 8 years.


Not only are we considered experts by our clients, we’ve also been recognised by our event industry. We don’t know how many bestsellers we’ve got, or half the awards we’ve won. We just having doing something we love and getting paid for it.


We are proud to have the people, skills and enthusiasm to deliver excellence for our clients every step of the way. Our size and scale means we can provide a total events service – from account management, creative design and event production, through to logistical support, staff training and recruitment.
Our culture comes from our values of Creativity, Passion, Curiosity, Generosity and Intelligence. It’s this culture that inspires, motivates and challenges us to deliver amazing events and experiences for some of the Indian as well as world’s most admired brands.


Starting life as a niche Quick Heal event support business in 2010, we are now an international event management company with 2 offices India and International office is in Birmingham UK and over 100 plus people creating award-winning brand experiences in Europe, Asia and India.

As a Domestic and global events company, we can draw on the experience, expertise and cultural distinctiveness of our domestic and international colleagues to find new and innovative ways to connect with audiences. Every territory has something different to offer, and we work together to develop the freshest ideas to connect with the more globalised consumer. Our global reach also enables us to activate cross-market campaigns confidently, and cost-effectively.

Our brand experiences fall into three areas of expertise. But while the route to brand experience is different, the characteristic of success is always the same: for target consumers to connect with a brand via a distinctively positive moment, to remember the experience and share it with friends.