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Latest Trends In Events Management


While technology is still an integral part of the event mix, venues, social media and event design are three elements that cannot be overlooked when analysing trends.

Therefore this 10 Event Trends edition will present a more in depth overview with the purpose of making events and meetings more appealing and effective in 2017.

We love trends and we love what’s new. In a social driven era, we consume the experiences of our friends and peers. We know a whole lot more about what is going on around us.

As a result we demand and expect more when attending events. Just tech, doesn’t cut it anymore. A true wow effect is channelled through a wise venue choice, strong digital and social presence, solid meeting design and forward thinking tech selection.



Two words made popular by Robert Scoble. The intersection of virtual reality and live interaction. We called them hybrid meetings 8 years ago but nobody really believed in them. Until Facebook made substantial investments in Oculus Rift and virtual integration.

With such level of spending and global interest we can anticipate that 2017 will be the year when virtual reality meets events, creating a third dimension where people around the globe interact, blurring the lines of physical venues.


In the last three years the role of streaming events live has evolved, booming in 2016. Last year we looked at Crowd Streaming as the next big thing with attendees streaming live from the event. We anticipated the boom of Facebook Live and the subsequent investment from the tech giant in supporting live video feed on its platform.


Data will surely be the undisputed protagonist of 2017. It has been for a few years actually but the recent events with the US electoral campaigns being decided by (among many factors) a strong combination of data and events lay ground for the rise of live tech.


The sharing economy – a great buzzword for the industry everybody has been talking about for a while. While services like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb are increasingly looking at the event industry, they are still B2C services that little have to do with the intrinsic dynamics of our industry. Of course there is potential and a lot of capital but times are still not mature enough.


Trade shows and exhibitions are bleeding attendees. More scaringly so they are bleeding sponsors. Nobody wants to invest in a crowded, messy, shouts, ephemeral event that is pretty much unchanged since the 1800s. There is a mass migration of sponsors and exhibitors investing in their own events. They don’t believe in the promise of exposure. They want tangible ROI. Hence why in 2017 every technology geared at making trade shows more measurable and effective should be invested in


Crowd sourcing and leveraging crowds to deliver solutions, content or services has been around for over a decade. Yet the event industry has seen technology more on content creation rather than on co-creation. For years we’ve received desperate requests from event professionals looking for tools to allow co-creation with attendees. In a recent publication, we’ve highlighted how the power of co-creation enhances satisfaction and perception of the overall event.


Scalping is the one plague that affects events that nobody talks about. With recent mega events selling out in few minutes, just to find the same tickets costing four times the amount on secondary markets, it is clear that something is broken. To add insult to injury some of these tickets will never be sold, leaving empty patches at events such as the Olympics.


Artificial Intelligence, mostly in the form of catboats is on the rise and securing an incredible amount of attention from developers and venture capitalists. It is very early days for the event industry and some pioneering companies are joining the bandwagon. The applications for events are immensely valuable. With a global trend in application downloads going downhill, event mobile apps need a new approach to entice attendees and increase downloads.


The fastest growing tech solutions in the event industry have always been touchable. As masters of the live experience, event professionals love to touch technology. The awkward feeling of a 100% virtual experience is especially present with older generations. Why do I need to keep looking at my smartphone screen when I have people around me? Why can we not use tangible props to facilitate interaction or engagement? Technology in this trend encompasses very different tools. It can reflect digital signs on a t-shirt, it may consist of digitally generated handwritten notes, or offer social media styled props.



We live in interesting times. With the world changing at a fast pace, diversity in conference line ups is a necessity rather than a hippy practice. White male line ups are the oldest residue of very old event concepts. The worst of the worst. All white man panels are as bad as throwing glass bottles in general waste, as bad as smoking indoors, as inappropriate as driving without a seat belt.

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