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Varmala Theme

Varmala Theme / Creative Marriage

Varmala Theme

The Jaimala Ceremony is truly a symbol of love and strong bond. The best wedding planners are the connoisseurs of creativity and amazing ideas. It is said that wedding are made in heaven so, allow us to create heaven on earth for you.

We have various types of Hydraulic & Revolving stages, Flower shower machines, and different types of Palki, Doli and Chattar for bride & groom entry, royal soldiers, mashaal guys, welcome girls, Pari (Fairy) for escorting bride & groom in Jai Mala, Reception or Ring Ceremony with various themes & stage setup.

Innovative Royal wedding Jaimala themes in Delhi for a marvellous royal wedding event.

Wedding is considered to be a very important festival in a couple’s life and is celebrated lavishly with great pomp and show. At Versatile Events Management the modern weddings are given a traditional touch so that it becomes a remarkable event in the lives of the couple as well as the family of the couple. Indian weddings consist of a number of events including mehendi ceremony, ladies sangeet, wedding event and lot more. Wedding Jaimala is another important part of the Indian wedding that is given major importance at Wedding Eye. It is an occasion that involves fun as well as traditional values. The wedding jaimala themes in Delhi offered by the Wedding Eye are the central attraction of the event.

Niche wedding jaimala themes in Delhi

The different wedding jaimala themes in Delhi include the space ship theme, the London bridge theme, diamond ring theme, moon theme, lotus theme, big temple theme, Ramayana book theme, titanic theme, globe theme, hawan kund theme, musical jaimala theme, statue of Liberty theme, angel varmala theme and lot more. At Wedding Eye the professionals understand that this is the event which attracts the attention of the guests as well as it is the event when the bride and groom meets for the first time on the wedding day, so the wedding jaimala is arranged in such a way so that it becomes a lifetime memory for the couple and also becomes an example to be discussed for years to come.

The professionals at Wedding Eye know very well how to make the event more glorious so that it brings a smile on everyone’s face. Jaimala themes of different budget ranges are available. Customer satisfaction is given the prime importance, so the requirements are customized according to the client.

Weddings in India are considered as a lavish affair which is characterized by enormous gaiety and pomp. But however lavish and modern our weddings are designed to be, the traditional wedding scene is very important as, that moment is a remarkable one in the life of the couple and their families. Jaimala is one of the occasions where seriousness and traditional values take over the existing fun and frolic in the wedding hall. Versatile Events Management help you give a unique and exclusive tag to your wedding ceremony through our Jaimala themes. Our Jaimala themes are of different and excellent and elegant themes for that occasion that you would cherish for your lifetime. Our Varmala and Jaimala themes would surely be central to your wedding ceremony and attract the attention of your guests for sure.